Our first week at the farm was an adjustment, but it felt like home from day one.  We have a huge gated side yard off the kitchen, with apple and pear trees.  The kids over the weekend were picking them off the ground, and showing them to us.  We of course told them not to eat them, but I was told by my brother in law, Evan, he took a bite of one and it was really good.  So, on Sunday we further looked at the trees and discovered we have amazing apples and pears.  They are like a mackintosh apple, and will be great for pies, applesauce, and of course just eating.

IMG_0273 IMG_0338

Because Aubrey’s room is a war zone right now, with the layers of wallpaper and paint. Her and RJ have been sharing a room.  Surprisingly, both of their beds fit in the loft, and they have been sleeping good in the same room.  Our hopes are to have Aubrey’s room finished in the next 2 weeks, so this will only be temporary.


On Tuesday, Ryan thought he should figure out how to use the riding lawn mower we got with the farm.  It took him about 10 minutes to figure out how to get started. He backed out of the shed okay, but when he went to turn and go forward, he went almost full speed and crashed into the shed door.  Thankfully, no serious damage was done.  Only the front of the mower was cracked, and the inside door got a little scratch.  He proceeded to ride around the property, trying to figure out how to get the blade down, so he could cut the grass.  All in all, he did figure it out and we are ready to cut the grass. We also got a zero turn mower, that will help us cut the larger areas fast.  Ryan hasn’t done mush with that mower yet, except get it off the trailer and into the garage.

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We also met one of our neighbors on Tuesday.  They live on 20 acres, and have 5 race horses, and board 2 horses for other people.  Their horses are very friendly, and love apples.  So, she said we are more then welcome to feed them apples from our apple trees if we want to.


When we were looking at the property to buy, we discovered a ton of barn wood.  I then started to look on Pinterest of ideas, of ways to use the barn wood.  I have several ideas, that I will be posting on the section: Successful Pinterest Projects.  I started getting material on Wednesday evening, for my first project for our bedroom. Two night stands made of barn wood and black metal pipes and fittings.

IMG_0377      IMG_0378

We have quite a few spider friends that come out around dusk.  They like to line all the buildings.  On the picture below, anywhere you see a black spot is a spider.  I will have to say, they freak me out.  However, I am able to walk by them and get close enough to take a picture.  I’m sure we will become friends over time and they will be no big deal, but until that day let me just say ewwwwwww!!!

IMG_0380      IMG_0379

So, when we were in contract to buy this property, the previous owner said that there was a guy that comes and bush hogs the land at no charge and then sells the hay. He said the guy should come and do it before we move in.  Well that never happened, so now we have shoulder length grass.  With this tall of grass, comes ticks, snakes, and more bugs. We got a call from my father in law on Tuesday, stating that we would never believe who came into his office.  The guy who normally cuts the grass down on our property.  He saw where the guy lived, and starting talking to him, and told him that his son had just bought a small farm, and the rest just fell into place.  So, he got the guys information and passed it along to us.  Small world!!  We learned this is a 3 day process. On Friday he came out and cut the grass down.

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Saturday the grass was drying out, and on Sunday he came and bailed it.

IMG_0411   IMG_0407

They got 4 large trailers of hay from our land.  When we were coming home from running errands on Sunday, we passed one of the loads going very slow down our road, and backing up traffic.  Here are 2 more leaving our property, and going down the street about 2 miles.

IMG_0422     IMG_0413

We ended our weekend with a family gathering and cookout.  The entire family wanted to see and feed our neighbor horses. So the kids picked apples and learned how to feed them.  It was a lot of fun, and was a perfect ending to our first week on the farm!

IMG_0425  IMG_0457

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Thanks for checking in with us, and enjoy the rest of your week!