This week, it doesn’t feel like we got a ton accomplished.  Our projects are becoming bigger, and are taking a lot longer to accomplish.  Ryan got off work early on Tuesday, which was perfect because our grass needed cut really really bad.  He took out the zero turn mower, and it only took him just over 2 hours to cut a little under 1.5 acres.  He said cutting around the out buildings was a pain, and it slowed him down.


Tuesday evening we took an after dinner walk around the property.  The kids ate cookies, while Ryan and I enjoyed our adult beverages.  We went to feed the horses apples from our side yard, and while doing that Ryan decided that he wanted to take down the two dead trees.  Fortunately, the trees were very dried out, and extremely easy to take down.  We now have some more firewood to add to our collection, for our bonfires.

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While we were going through more boxes in the garage, I looked up and saw there was a storage area.  I mentioned this to Ryan, who proceeded to tell me that the previous owner told him he never went up there the entire 5 years he owned the property.  So, I made Ryan take the ladder to go up and see what was up there.

IMG_0522 IMG_0523 IMG_0524

There looks to be some interesting items up there.  Ryan did manage to pull down this old brandy bottle, that is kind of interesting.  We will need to get the larger ladder out of the barn, so we can pull these items down and further explore.

The outside of our house, “cat house”, and garage needed to be power washed.  I wanted to give them a good cleaning, and next I want to spray the buildings with a spider/bug spray to help with our spider population. Thanks Aunt Jane for the tip!!

I started to power wash the areas I could reach without a ladder.  I ended up getting the “cat house”, half the garage, and the back porch done. It took about 5 hours and I’m only a fourth of the way complete.  It’s amazing the difference in the before and after, looks brand new now.

IMG_0171 IMG_0173 IMG_0573

Ryan’s uncle delivered the drywall for Aubrey’s bedroom Friday evening! On Saturday we had two of Ryan’s uncles sub contractors hung the drywall.  It took them all day, but we now have nice smooth, clean walls to paint.  They are coming back today, Sunday, to sand and put another coat of mud on the joints.  Already though it is a huge difference.  They even ran the electrical under the new drywall for us.  Our bedroom and the upstairs hallway all have the electrical ran on the outside of the walls and covered by conduit.  Here is the progress this far with Aubrey’s bedroom, The first picture is the room with the painted over wallpaper.

IMG_0272 IMG_0290 IMG_0576 IMG_0585

We ended the weekend with having our friends come out to the farm, and seeing our new adventure.  It was a great night, with good friends.


Stay tuned to next weeks post, as Ryan and I should have our nightstands complete that we are building out of our barn wood, black metal pipes and fittings.  Thanks for checking in!!