I have been looking for ideas to use the barn wood that we have in our barns.  I came across this table on Pinterest.

Pinterest Table

It looks pretty simple, and a good first DIY project to use the barn wood. Ryan and I went to one of the barns and started pulling out boards, until we found 6 boards that would equal the same size (or close to the same size).

IMG_0377 IMG_0521

Items needed to build one table:

  • 16 – 3/4″ floor flanges
  • 8 – 3/4″ x 12″ Nipple
  • Wood for table tops
  • Skill saw
  • Jig pocket hole system
  • Measuring tape
  • wood glue
  • wood screws
  • Electric Sander – or just sand paper if you don’t own one
  • stain or lacquer


Here are the steps we took to build the table. First we used our jig pocket hole system and pre-drilled holes in the boards, so we can screw the screws in at an angle. We then cut the boards down to size, so it was easier to apply the wood glue and screw it together.

IMG_0592  IMG_0593 IMG_0595 (1)

Once the 3 boards were together, we sanded the tops, bottoms and sides, so they were nice and smooth.  We wiped down the boards, and gave a once over to make sure we didn’t miss any spots.  Once they were all dry, we applied a clear lacquer. We allowed it to dry, and gave it a light sand, and then put another coat of lacquer on.  The bottle said two or three coats of the lacquer would be needed.  After looking over the boards, two coats is all we needed to give the table tops.

IMG_0601 FullSizeRender (14) IMG_0619

Now it is time to assemble the tables, using the floor flanges and the pipes.  We twisted all 8 pipes into the flanges, and then screwed the flanges into the table tops. Here you have it, our rustic, barn wood night stand. I may be partial, but I think our table turned out pretty darn good.  Now, we just need to make one more for the other side of the bed.

IMG_0622 IMG_0625 IMG_0626