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So, I was really ambitious the short week before we left for vacation.  I had 2 main goals, get Aubrey into her room and get our closet finished.  Well, only one of those happened.


I decided to put an 18″ stripe around her room. Thanks to my mother in laws help, I managed to get it prepped and painted in 2 days.


Trying to make the line level, was a very long process. It didn’t help that the walls were still somewhat uneven, even though it had just been drywalled.

IMG_0273I did manage to move Aubrey into her room. However, there is still a laundry list of items that need to be done, putting up her fan, finish painting her closet white, find a contact paper for the inside of her closet to cover up the 1950s flower wallpaper, and put the closet doors back on.  Her window needs to be clean on the outside, and we need to put up blinds.  She has a vanity to her bedroom set that is still in the garage and needs to come up, and the bench that goes to her vanity needs recovered, as it is still a green fabric that was from my room when I was a kid.

Side Note: Aubrey’s bedroom furniture is very special, the bedroom set is from the 1940s and was my great grandma’s from Louisiana.  It was given to me by my grandma when I was 6, and my dad refinished and I have used it ever since.

We left for a much needed family vacation to Carolina Beach, North Carolina.


Our first night, we had an amazing shrimp feast!


RJ was very intrigued by the shrimp


IMG_0733 IMG_0746 IMG_0735

Lots of fun in the early morning, while taking a walk along the beach.

IMG_0755 IMG_0748

Playing in the pool, when not on the beach.

FullSizeRender (17)   IMG_0782

We went to Carolina Beach State park one morning.  It had a marina, and a lot of trails that bordered the intercoastal waterway.

IMG_0780 IMG_0778


The kids got tired, the last 1/2 mile. So, all 3 of them had a nice ride on our shoulders the rest of the way.

We all went putt putting, and poor Ryan had to use one of kids putters, because RJ had his and wouldn’t give it back.  We also tried flying a kite, which was more work then fun when all said and done.

IMG_0785 FullSizeRender (18)

On one of the rainy, non beach day, we took the ferry over to Southport. The kids really liked that we could take our car onto the boat.  While we were there we had lunch, and did a little bit of shopping.

IMG_0824 IMG_0825 IMG_0830

The rest of our time was spent just playing on the beach, and looking for sharks teeth!

IMG_0794 IMG_0790 IMG_0837

It was a great vacation, and lots of memories were made.  However, it is back to reality, and our reality is an old house that needs rehabbed.  So, my goals for this week are to finish my closet, Aubrey’s room (minus the decorating), and start on the upstairs bathroom floor so we can put the toilet back in.  Wish us luck!!