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Our Sunday started off as we had planned.  We got Aubrey’s fan hung, I cleaned her windows, and even managed to put 2 coats of paint on her closet.  We had moved to the bathroom to take out the sink, take the back splash off the wall, remove the baseboards and figure out the toilet situation.


Everything was moving along, and then we got to the toilet area.  Ryan started to pull up the thick sub floor, and that’s where it all started.  The pipe broke, and water was gushing like a geyser.  I have never seen so much water in such a short period of time.  A few minutes, felt like an hour until we could manage to get the main water turned off.  Where we thought the main water valve was, it was not. Every valve we turned, did nothing!! So, we scrambled around the house looking for it.  My mother in law told me to call the previous owner, and lucky for us I knew where his number was.  Thankfully he answered, and told us where it was.  The water had run for 7 minutes, and those 7 minutes had done a ton of damage. The bathroom is right above the kitchen, and the water had no place to go, but down.  Our ceilings started to fall in large sheets, Water started to pour through light fixtures, and down the walls, through the cabinets and built up in the ceilings. Our ceilings started to fall in large sheets, and even took some of the plaster off, which exposed the old lath boards.  In once section of the kitchen, you can look up and see into the bathroom.


half of our ceiling down


you can see here the water starting to make its way over to the other half of the room

Once we got the water turned off it was time to assess the damage, and start the clean up process.  Ryan and his mom worked on the clean up, using a shop vac to get the inch of water out of our kitchen.  I have never been so happy to have an uneven floor, because all the water went to one area of the kitchen and kept it from running into the family room and kids playroom.  While they were cleaning, I was on the phone with the insurance company.  The insurance company said our claim was serious enough to issue an emergency maintenance service, to help with the clean up process.


Ryan cleaning up the water behind the oven. Our poor old oven, took a bath. Don’t think we will be using this again.


The dark spot is where the drywall and plaster came off. When standing under this spot, and looking up, you can see up into the bathroom. I don’t think this is normal.

The emergency maintenance service arrived, and started to evaluate how wet the ceiling, walls, cabinets, and floors were.


Great company. Friendly, and fast and did a great job.


Big fans to start the dry out process.

The conclusion was, about 80% of our kitchen is wet.  They spent the day gutting our kitchen.  They took out all the cabinets, and walls down to the studs, and removed all the drywall from the ceiling and peeled the wet plaster that was loose.


Upper cabinets down


This wall cap, that housed our overhead sink light, came down unexpectedly. They discovered an electrical box that was not to code, and just hanging, not attached to anything


Here it is down do the lath boards to the right of the window and plaster to the left


Here it is all the way down to the studs. They placed 5 fans downstairs and 2 fans upstairs to start the drying out process

Next step in this process is the claims adjuster coming out on Friday, once the area is dry, to do his estimate of cost of damage.  Then the work begins on getting our new kitchen and upstairs bathroom figured out. Thankfully my parents, who live down the road are letting us live with them.  We can’t move back in, until we get the bathroom water line fixed, and the water back on.  Lots more to come . . . .