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Ryan and my brother in law, Aaron, finished the homework the contractor gave them. Which was removing the floor, 2 last kitchen walls to the studs, and open up the half bathroom wall to expose the main plumbing.

Ryan tested a spot to make sure he wasn’t cutting too deep, and he got it right the first time!

IMG_1028 IMG_1032

Once the test spot was a success, it was on to cutting bigger pieces.

IMG_1034 (1)  IMG_1036 (1)  IMG_1039

Next it was on to exposing the plumbing in the half bath, so the plumber could start working.


Removing the paneling


Old cast iron sewer pipe exposed, and other plastic pluming lines.

Plumbers started on Monday!!  They started to remove all the old cast iron, galvanized plumbing, and old flimsy plastic plumbing. We did have a little bit of news on Monday, when they started to cut and open things up.  The main water pipe was running a different direction then what they had thought. The direction it is running, goes completely under the house, and if there was a future issue with it, we would be tearing up our new kitchen.  So, we decided that it was a good idea to replace the pipe up to the point of it being outside.


Our main plumber, Mike. Thankfully, he has said this isn’t the worst he has seen. However, when I said we have a major plumbing issue, he said, “Amen, to that”.

We decided since we were putting down a new floor in the kitchen, we should just extend the flooring into the family room.  I was 99% sure the hardwood under the carpet was damaged, since I had pulled up a corner when we first moved in, and it didn’t look that great.  So, the boys pulled out that carpet this past weekend too.


Every time we pull back carpet, it’s exciting. We never know what we will find.

IMG_1016 (1)

I was right, bad patch jobs.

IMG_1018 (1)

More old vinyl, like we had upstairs.


Blank slate, ready to be painted and new flooring put down.

After talking with the contractor, we decided that we should just go ahead and plumb for the shower, since all the plumbing is exposed and 100% of it will be brand new. Since we were going to be plumbing for a shower, and new plumbing for the toilet and sink were already going to be re-ran, we decided to move the location of the bathroom.  This will improve the flow, and we wont have a narrow path to the rest of the house.

IMG_1025 IMG_1026 IMG_1034

The last picture, is Ryan removing the wood paneling and exposing the old plaster, painted a fantastic green!


Here is the space when we first moved in. We are moving the bathroom down to the right, where the washer/dryer are. The washer/dryer area will be placed where the bathroom originally was located.


Here we have it to the frame. We will be taking the rest down this weekend.

Now, we don’t have enough going on, so we decided we needed to take the rest of our free time and start cleaning up the land, and repairing fences.  We took 2 hours, Tuesday afternoon, and started to cut vines, pull down old falling down fences, and clean up the chicken coop area.


The fence, is actually 3 different mismatched, falling down fences. The entire space is overgrown by vines. The fence posts are actually good, and we have a bunch of chain fence to replace what is currently here.


This is our chicken coop area. It’s a little overgrown, and needs a lot of love.

IMG_1118 IMG_1116


These vines were crazy!



Here is the area, with 95% of the vines down. There are still some high up in the tree, and we need to get the ladder to get them out. We need to get a few different tools, to get the rest of the fences down. However, it is looking much better already.  The chicken coop needs new wood to outline it, as most of this wood is rotted.  Good thing we have a ton of wood in the barn, and thankfully it is not rotted!

Well I think we may be taking the next one or two nights off, so we don’t get burned out.  : )