Our plan was to frame the rest of the full bathroom in the mudroom this past weekend, however my dad became ill with flu like symptoms.  So, we decided to concentrate outside and continue to clean up the property. It was the perfect weekend to work outside, so I’m kinda glad we spent our time doing this.

Last week Ryan and his dad cut down 2 trees, with their new chainsaws. These 2 pine trees were dead, and needed to come down.  They were like little kids, with their new “toys”.

IMG_1151 IMG_1153 IMG_1154

Ryan was cutting at the wrong angle and putting too much pressure on the saw, which resulted in his chain falling off.  So, he resorted to the old fashioned way while his dad tried to put the chain back on.

IMG_1157 IMG_1158

This past weekend we worked on taking out the fence behind the chicken coop, and the fence that was between the side yard and yard that has the far barn.


This is the area before. There were 2 different fences, plus barbed wire mingled in this mess.


Here you can see this small, rusted fence that divided the two yards.

IMG_1216 IMG_0326 IMG_1217

There were a lot of vines and branches intertwined in the fence which we used a saw and sawzall to cut out.  Ryan had “fun” pulling the metal fence posts out of the ground.  He didn’t notice the first day, but there was poison ivy intertwined into the fence in one area.  His arm is now paying the price.


Aubrey had my phone at one point, and was taking pictures of us working. Even managed to get RJ, who was having fun playing.

Here are the after pictures of this area . . .


It’s so open now! We will have to replace the boards on the back of the chicken coop in the spring, because they are rotted.


We have one BIG open yard now!!

On a side note, our electrician started this week and should be done by the end of the week.  Our main contractor said we should be dry walling next week, which is music to my ears!!