Our electrician has been working for about a week and half and as of today looks like he is about 85/90% finished. We had a few set backs, due to all the old wiring, and as a result the entire house is being re-wired.  That’s right we now officially have all new plumbing and electric in our house.  I think someone recently said to me, you have a brand new house built in 1901.

Since our house had to be all re-wired, that means the ceilings in the family room and kids play room had to be removed for easy access upstairs.  Ryan, my brother in law Aaron, and Ryan’s dad worked one night for 5 hours and removed the two ceilings.  Of course it was heavy plaster and lath boards, so it was dusty and dirty.

We upgraded our kitchen lighting, we will have 4 can lights, plus 1 more above the sink, and a fan in the room.  We added a switch for a garbage disposal, even though we have septic, we wanted to have this for the little pieces of food that may escape down the drain.  We will also have a GFI, and extra outlets around the kitchen that we didn’t have before.


Since it is all open we had the option to hard wire fire alarms in all the rooms.  So, of course we said yes.  Now all bedrooms upstairs and the family room have fire alarms.  Now to get all this wiring upstairs not only did the electrician have to go through the down stairs ceiling, but he had to open up some walls.  I have never been so happy to have paneling over the plaster, because that sheet is going right back up!


What was nice about redoing all the electric upstairs is the kids rooms now have more then one outlet each!


Now this is exciting, some of our dry wall was delivered!  We are getting so close to closing it all up!!



We have been busy picking out wall colors, flooring, and cabinets. Since the drywall was delivered yesterday, I know we are getting closer to the fun part!

Cityscape will be the color of our cabinets in the kitchen and mudroom. We are buying unfinished cabinets, and I am using paint sprayer to apply the paint. Argos will be the color in all the rooms on the first floor: mudroom, kitchen, family room, and playroom. Grayish will be for the upstairs bathroom.

Barnwood Floors

We have picked out a vinyl plank flooring that will be laid in all the rooms. The color is fitting, it is called barnwood.

No working at the farm this weekend or next week because of Thanksgiving.  So, we will be relaxing and having fun with family and friends, which is much needed!!