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A lot has been going on since I’ve last blogged before Thanksgiving.  We came home from Iowa to a fully drywalled kitchen.  It was up and was tapped, and wow did the kitchen look different!!  They still had about a week left in the drywall process, but we had walls.

Our project the week they were drywalling was to get the upstairs bathroom painted and the floor laid.  We sanded down all the woodwork and got it ready to paint white.  Ryan did all the sanding and I did all the painting.  I think I got the better deal!

We gave the ceiling 2 coats of paint, as well as the walls.  The dark woodwork needed 5 coats of white paint, and I still see areas that need touched up. Later that evening we laid the flooring, and boy does it make a difference.

Now all that’s left to do in the bathroom is install the vanity, mirror and light.

This past weekend my mom and Ryan’s dad came over to help paint the kitchen and playroom.  We got 2 coats on the ceiling and 1 coat on the walls. The day we were painting the walls it was super humid, and taking forever for the first coat to dry.

So, all those wood planks on the floor are the handy work of Ryan’s Uncle Gary.  Our kitchen floor is crazy uneven, so he cut shims that we could lay sub floor on and our floor be level in the kitchen. We are so thankful that we have someone in our family who has knowledge and skills in home building/fixing area.

Ryan’s dad got the hardest cut of sub floor done for us, after we were done getting the first coat of paint on the walls.


We removed the wood paneling in the family room, because it got damaged in the process of taking down the ceiling.  We discovered another beautiful wallpaper.  We are going to do like we did in Aubrey’s room and use a thin drywall and go over the plaster.


The other project we worked on this past weekend was starting to drywall the mudroom.  Thanks to my dad’s knowledge of drywalling we can save some money and drywall this room ourselves.  They almost got the ceiling done!

Our goals for this upcoming weekend are to

  • Paint second coats on playroom and kitchen
  • Lay the subfloor in the kitchen and kids playroom
  • Finish drywalling mudroom

We will see how efficient we are.  It’s all on us now, the faster we work the sooner we get to move back in!