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Before Christmas these we our goals . . .

  • Paint second coats on playroom and kitchen
  • Lay the subfloor in the kitchen and kids playroom
  • Finish drywalling mudroom

My brother law, Aaron, and I took an evening and finished the painting in the playroom and kitchen.

Ryan’s dad came over to help lay the subfloor in the 2 rooms.  They got both rooms done in 1 day! Thankfully we had nice weather again that day and they could do all the cuts outside, and keep the mess out there.  I got the fun job of stapling the playroom floor down.

Here are the finished LEVELED floors!!!!

They also patched together left over pieces of subfloor in the area where the plumber had to tear up the old subfloor.


That same weekend Ryan and I started to drywall the mudroom. We got about 85% done, but need to go get 4 more pieces of drywall. My dad is also working on redoing the area around our furnace, so we can’t drywall around that until it’s re-framed. Our goal is to have the mudroom finished this week.

Our work so far . . .

This past weekend we worked on putting down the floors in the kitchen and playroom.  This flooring is amazing, it only took us 3 hours to lay the playroom floor.  The kitchen also took only 3 hours, but that’s because my mom showed up and started to help!

I started to bring the kids new toys from Christmas in, and some of their old toys.  I want an area for them to play now while we are working, and also enjoy their new toys.

Now this week the exciting part, kitchen cabinets! We are buying them this week, and I’m going to use the sprayer, my mother in law bought us, to paint them our gray color! Hopefully we will be installing them this upcoming weekend!