Our house is starting to look like a home again!

Aubrey’s room is pretty much finished, minus a few decorative items.  I was able to rearrange the layout, since we had 2 additional outlets added.  Her room is one of my favorite rooms in the house.



The bathroom is all new, except the tub and tile around the tub.  That was in good condition, and did not need replaced.  This bathroom will eventually be the kids bathroom, so I went with purples and blues and kept the walls in the gray family.  Just for a reminder here is what the bathroom looked like when we purchased the house.


And . . . here it is now! I still have a few decorative projects on my to do list for the bathroom, but it is so nice having a clean and updated bathroom.


Our family room had a major face lift as well.  New ceiling, walls, and floors. We still need to hang the crown molding, paint the woodwork white, and add quarter round on the baseboards.  However, the space is sooooo much better.  Again, here is what the family room looked like when we bought the house.


Three of the walls were painted wood paneling, and the wall on the very left was painted over wallpaper that was peeling.

Here is the family room now.



My parents were out shopping for themselves, and my dad saw a picture that he thought would look good in our family room.  They were super nice, and purchased it for us and it is an amazing statement piece in the room.  Just going to add some floating shelves to the left of it, and the wall will be finished!


We are still working on finishing up the mudroom and kitchen.  Here is the progress so far.  Mudroom is fully drywalled and has a new sturdy subfloor down.

We also laid the flooring in the mudroom, so we weren’t tracking in all the dirt and dust. It also makes keeping the floor clean 100% easier.

I am still working on getting all the kitchen cabinets painted gray, but it is slowly coming together.  Hopefully they will all be painted by the end of this week.

Our granite was installed, and I am obsessed with it.  I really love how my vision of what I wanted our kitchen to look like is coming together!

Here is an up close look of the granite.


It’s defiantly coming together, and turning into a home again.  Hopefully at the end of this next weekend I can show you the finished kitchen!