We have been blessed with above average temperatures, mixed in with some normal ones, these past few weeks.  With Easter being so early this year, I seem to have spring fever a little early.  Being a good husband, Ryan, just rolls his eyes and lets me go and do my thing.

I wanted a simple counter piece, so I stumbled upon this free printable from the blog CleanandScentsible.com

I loved the way Jenn from the blog used the printable, so I mimicked her style.  After I dropped my daughter off at school, my son and I went shopping.  We went to 4 different craft/decor stores until I found everything I needed.  Here is my finished project!

FullSizeRender (5)

I have been a little obsessed with getting fresh flowers lately, and wanted spring tulips.  However, I wanted a more unique way to display them.  I had this glass vase with wine corks and a candle in it, from our old house, so I just reused it.  I didn’t want to grow tulips from bulbs, mainly because I’m impatient and wanted the instant look.  I was out getting cat litter and saw that the store had potted tulips that hadn’t bloomed yet, and were a few days away from blooming, so I purchased one pot of them.

This project is super easy, and you only need 3 items to complete it.  Flowers, vase, and rocks/glass beads for the bottom.

FullSizeRender (2)

First step is to clean all the dirt off the bulbs in cold water, and to cut the roots back to about 2 inches.


Once the roots are clean and cut back, it just a matter of placing a small layer of rocks in the vase and then the bulbs on top of the rocks.


The water level in the vase should always be just below/barely touching the bulbs.  The roots will naturally make their way down to the water.  It’s such a fun way to plant tulips, or any bulb flower!

Well that’s my little bit of spring fever to keep me content, well for a few days at least. : )