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My dad wanted to start a garden on the property, and I loved the idea!  Neither one of us have ever had our own garden, so like everything else on the farm, this is a new adventure.

I started to do research in January when to start seeds, and when to transfer those seeds to the ground.  I randomly was doing a goggle search of how to start seeds and came across this gem from parkseed.com


The reviews are amazing, and it looks like the perfect tool needed for a couple of rookies. We are going to plant the following vegetables this year: corn, cucumbers, onion, peppers, potatoes, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes.  Thankfully not all of these need to start in these seeders, because that would require quite a few of these.  I purchased 2 – 40 seed space and 2 – 60 seed space seed starters.

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This is what comes with each seeding set.  The little green house, dirt sponges, and fertilizer

This past week we seeded tomatoes and peppers.  I did a small varity to see which ones we like.  Next year I’m sure I will weed some out, and add new ones to try.

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I soaked the dirt sponges for 15 mins and RJ helped me insert them into the holes.  Then I just added 2 seeds to each sponge!  Super simple!!

When I checked this morning on my little seeds, some have begun to sprout!  I have never grown anything in my life, so this is super exciting!  We have a lot longer to go, until we are ready to plant in the garden beds, but we are on way!