When we were two weeks out from the chicks arriving, I started to freak out because the room they were going to be housed in had no floor! They are going to be staying in our unfinished bathroom off the mudroom, and it had exposed plumbing and an uneven concrete floor.  Ryan and I took a weekend and leveled the floor with 2x4s for the subfloor to sit on.  It was a lot of trial and error and a whole day to get the 2×4 supports level, but we did it (thankfully)!

We didn’t want to use the actual subfloor we had purchased, since it is interlocking and would be extremely hard to get back up when we are ready to run the water lines.  So, we just used cheap 1/2″ plywood, that will do during the brooder period this spring and summer.


RJ liked “helping”

We went to Rural King and purchsed a few of the items we needed.  We had never been to this store, but in my research the 100 gallon water trough was the best price there.  While we were there we picked up the heat lamp, red tinted heat bulbs, pine shavings, feeder and waterer. We let Aubrey pick out the feeder and waterer, and of course she picked out the purple ones!

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I have been reading like crazy on different chick starter feeds, and have found one that has great reviews. I decided that I was going to feed them organic feed, and raise them like I was certified as an organic farm.  The process to get certified organic is crazy, long and a lot of money, so I’m not going to go down that path, but I can at least follow the organic method.  I decided on the brand Coyote Creek out of Elgin, Texas.

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Ryan built a stand for the heat lamp to hang from so we can raise and lower with ease.  It was pretty simple, and will make life so much easier keeping the brooder at the correct temperature as the chicks grow.


Brooder is all set up now. All we need to do is put in bedding, water and food!  Can’t wait to meet these little girls Monday or Tuesday!!