This has been a very exciting and eventful week.  All my reading and planning has paid off, and our little chicks are doing well.  Chicks change so much each day, so I put together a photo timeline of the first week.

Day 1 & 2: Just from these two days you can see the tips of their wing feathers developing.

IMG_6421    IMG_6462

Day 3 & 4:

IMG_6488   IMG_6512

Day 5 & 6:

IMG_6527    IMG_6566

Day 7 – 1 Week Old:


As you can see our little fuzz balls are starting to get their wing and tail feathers!

Something that Ryan wasn’t expecting to have to do was to clean the chicks bottoms off. They can develop something called pasty butt, where poo builds up and if their vents get completely blocked it can actually kill the chicks.  We tried the method of getting a warm towel and carefully wiping the area, and this worked for the less extreme cases.  However, we have a few chicks where it really built up and what made the clean up easy was a “bath” in the sink.  To dry them off we used a hair dryer.  The chicks actually liked the hair dryer and stopped their loud peeping, because it was warm.  We needed to get them dry, because if the other chicks in the brooder see something different about a chick they will start pecking that chick.

Well until the next update on these girls, you can always follow me on instagram.  I regularly post pictures and videos of whats going on on the farm.

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