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Our new niece, Alaina, visited the farm for the first time and had her newborn pictures taken.  April from April Powell Photography did an amazing job! The next day we had strong storms in the afternoon, and then around 6p until 8:30p we had the hardest rain I have ever seen for a long period of time.  This resulted in the road our house was on to be shut down, due to flash flooding.  We had so much rain and no place for it to go, that our side yard was completely under water.  So much water, that we had to rescue the chickens out of their coop and they got to spend the night in our unfinished bathroom in the mudroom. Thankfully when we woke up the next morning almost all the water was gone, and just a few low spots remained.

Projects we worked on this week after the big storm were: installing new mailbox, cleaning out chicken coop and laying new bedding, replanting flowers in front area of house, and mowing 8 acres.  We ended the weekend celebrating father’s day, and Ryan volunteering at our church’s festival as a blackjack dealer.  It has been one loooonnnng week!


Miss Alaina

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Police blocking the road.  The car in the background barely made it.

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Ryan walked down the road to take a better look.  He said it was 6-8 inches deep!

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This was taken after we rescued the chickens.  You can see all the reflections of the buildings in the water.  It was unreal.  Our neighbor said he hasn’t seen it this bad ever, and he has lived in his house since the mid 60s.


Chickens home for the night.  Lots of fun clean up in the morning.


Yard in the morning.  Just a little bit of water left.  It’s hard to believe that we had 6-8 inches of standing water just 12 hours earlier


Moved the chickens out the next morning.  They seemed happy to be back outside.


These flowers were under water, and overnight 6 flowers bloomed.  I thought for sure I was going to loose all my flower I had just planted a month and a half ago.

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Ryan took a day with his uncle going through boxes that had gotten wet in one of the barns.  Thankfully, there wasn’t too much damage.

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My nephew, Landen, stuck his hand in an 18 inch hole of water, where a fence post once was and caught himself a big bullfrog.  The kids had a blast playing with him for a few minutes.


Kids were also catching baby frogs in the standing water that was left the next morning.

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The barred rock chickens are the friendliest, and easiest to hold. Two happy kids right there!

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Kids found a small garter snake on the back porch steps.  I’ve seen him a few times slither under the porch, but this is the first time the kids have seen him.


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We saw him later in the day.  Kids thought he was pretty neat.


Our old mailbox.  It had defiantly seen better days


New Mailbox


This was the front landscaping I did back in early May.  After watching the plants, I noticed that not all the lavender was getting enough sun, and the yellow flowers only bloom in early spring.

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Area redone.

FullSizeRender (64)

close up of the next plants.  The purple flower one are perennial, but the back ones are annuals. There wasn’t anything else I could find that I liked.  Next year I will replace the back three flowers with a perennial.

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Back field grass was getting a little on the long side.  At least I got to work on my tan!

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Ryan being a blackjack dealer.  He ended up staying 2 hours past his scheduled time, and was told by one of the main guys that he has to come back every year! 

Thanks for checking in this week! Next week we will be focusing on cutting down about 5 dead trees in our side yard, they are becoming a big pain to mow around and just look bad!