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Have you ever had something happen that completely unmotivated you, and takes you off your planned course?  Well that happened to me this summer.  In my last blog post back from June, I mentioned that we had a very heavy rain that flooded our property.  Well 6 days later, we had the biggest/hardest/longest storm I have ever seen.  It rained so heavy and long that our house was literally surrounded by 2 ft of water.  It was like our house was an island and there was no way out. What made it even worse was it was in the middle of the night and it was dark, so we couldn’t really see how bad it really was.  Thankfully, our chickens were on their roosts, and were in the air because their coop had 2 ft of water in it as well.  I was so upset, that I didn’t even take any pictures of the aftermath.  I really wanted to just forget it happened and move on.  Our neighbor who has lived in his house since the 1960s said he has never seen this happen, so I’m hoping this is a once every 100 years storm!!

I decided to just enjoy the summer, and we pretty much put all projects on hold. Here are a few of the projects we did manage to complete. I was ready to start working on the kitchen again, so we picked out and put up a subway tile back splash. Here is the kitchen without the back splash.

During . . . My dad did the smaller side to show me how to do it, and I did the longer side all by myself!!






We still need to get the outlets back on (sadly its been this way for 2 months)


I made cornice boards for the playroom and family room, and my mom made me a roman shade for the front door.






Don’t mind the messed up ceiling, the fan was going as a took a panoramic picture.

Ryan and I made floating shelves in the family room, using the same concept as the kitchen shelves.

Just needed a few things . . .


I was tired of a ugly brown back door, so we picked out a neutral gray and it makes a huge difference!!


We were debating an orange door, but glad we didn’t!


The last project we did this summer was build our nesting boxes for the chickens.  This was a project that had to be done, so our chickens would have a place to lay.  I got this idea from this blog.



They seem to like them!!

Now that we are into fall and it isn’t so hot, we can start working again outside.  Our fences are pretty overgrown and in rough shape.  Our other big and exciting news is, we are working with a builder to build a new house back on the property.  So, we have a lot of clean up and planning going on with that. Our hopes are to start building by summer of next year.  More of that to come soon . . .