Now that I have gotten my feet wet in chicken raising, I decided it’s time I up my game. The coop we built can hold up to 40 chickens, and I plan on reaching close to that number. I want to add white, blue, green and very dark brown eggs to my mix, so here are the new chicks I ordered from Meyer Hatchery!!.

Exchequer Leghorns – Ordered 6 of these. They are excellent producers and should give me almost one egg a day.


Black Copper Marans – Ordered 2 of these.  They lay really dark brown eggs.

Black Australorp – Ordered 4.  They are good producers and lay brown eggs.

Rhode Island Reds – Also, ordered 4 of these. They are another good brown egg layer.


Golden Buffs – Ordered 4. I have one and she lays a jumbo dark brown egg daily for me.

Easter Eggers – I Ordered 6 and these girls lay blue/green eggs.

Olive Egger – Ordered 2 of them, but want more.  They are very expensive chickens, so I am starting with 2 and will add more over time.

My total chicks ordered is 28, and the hatchery will give 2 extras.  They are scheduled to hatch February 13th and will be ready to go outside early April.  Last year I didn’t get my chicks until early April and didn’t get my first egg until Sept 6th.  So, my hope is to start getting eggs from these girls in early July.

Next year we are also going to try our hand at raising meat birds (chickens and turkeys) and maybe a few ducks.  I placed the meat chicken order for 25 and they are scheduled to hatch and be picked up on May 30th.


White broiler chickens only take 7-9 weeks to mature, so we should be able to have these processed the week of July 9th.  If this round goes well, I would like to do another round in August and process in September.  However, as I have learned this past year life doesn’t always go as planned, so we will see how this all goes . . .

**All photos are from Meyer Hatchery’s Website