I was sitting down to start my first blog of the new year, and noticed that I never posted this one from the fall! Not sure how that happened, but hope you enjoy.  : )

We have a lot of fence lines and gates, and they are all overgrown with weeds and falling down.  We never got to them last fall, due to our house being as my daughter called “broken”.  This summer we gave up on the property clean up, and also thought that it would be better to wait until stuff started to die with the season change.


Fence/Gate between the 2 barns.


After the clean up.  The fence has lots of gaps at the ground and a big gap next to the barn on the left.  We also have a big gate just leaning to cover a gap where a gate us to be.  If you look close you will see half of the old chain link gate.


The chickens found ALL the gaps they could escape out of.  We have since placed cinder blocks and rocks in these spaces.


Fence/Gate between a barn and our neighbors property.


Our chickens and the neighbor chickens can see each other now that we have the weeds removed. Both sets of chickens were around the entire time we were cleaning up this area. I think they enjoyed all the bugs we were exposing for them, and also chickens are very curious birds.


The after area.  Notice that by taking out all the overgrown weeds, we exposed a lot of holes in the fence.  So for the fall and winter we put items that would block the holes, until we can fix the fence in the spring.

We had this nice overgrown weed and vines with berries, that was an eyesore and a pain to mow around.  img_0511


After – All gone!

We are finally starting to work on the full bathroom off of our mudroom. To better utilize the space, and be able to hang a mirror above the vanity, we needed to remove the window.

This wasn’t a project that Ryan and I could do, nor wanted to do, so we left it to a professional (Powell Design Company).

After a few hours each day, it was finished!!

Next phase is finishing off the plumbing . . . but Ryan will not be doing this, because we all know that Wills and water do not mix!!