Last summers flooding issues really put my stress at a whole new level.  Whenever they say rain is in the forecast I get a little anxious.  After this past summer we know that our flooding issue needed to be addressed, and we put it on our to do list for the spring. However, now I’m rethinking this and it has gone to the top of my list of things to do and start working on it this winter.

I took pictures and videos all morning of the flooding as it progressed. This area is out our side door off the kitchen.

8:45am  – Not too bad. The “normal” spots are starting to get water flood


Chicken yard at 8:45am. They got to spend the day in their coop, since there was way too much flooding for them to be out.  The main flooding in this area happen behind the big tree


One hour later. Starting to make its way closer to me.


Chicken yard is seeing a lot more building up around the fence lines and an from the evergreen tree.


This is a picture taken from upstairs.  You can really see all the low spots and flooding here.

Once all the rain stopped at 2:00pm I went outside in my mucks and started to investigate. flood8 Our main issue is our land sits lower then our neighbors so we get all their drainage.


We have what is acting like a stream flowing from the halfway point on our property to the front part of the property. Causing the side yard to flood.


The water is a little over ankle deep and is flowing between the fences, making its way to my side yard. Below is a video of this area.

Draining is an issue at the front of our property.  There is so much water it doesn’t have a place to go, and the leafs are not helping.  The drains were getting backed up.  Ryan went and checked that out when he got home from work tonight.

This is the same thing that happened to us twice in one week this past summer.  However, both of those times we had a lot more rain in a shorter period of time and our house was literally surrounded buy 2 feet of water on all sides. It was like our house was an island and we were surrounded by a body of water.

We have a good idea of what we need to do to help address this issue, so say a prayer and keep your fingers crossed for us that we can get this resolved, especially before all the spring rain arrives!