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To help with the flooding issue, we needed to add a pond behind the chicken coop.  This meant re-arranging where the chickens free ranged.


Here is an overview of part of our property by the house. We have about another 7 acres behind the field, and our pond area is to the right of the house and buildings.


Here are our fence plans.  The fence in red is what we got done this past weekend, when we got amazing spring like weather!


Here is the chicken yard that we wanted to fence in.  Right now the chickens come right up to the house and we have our dog on a rope, so the chickens can get away from her. Rearranging the chicken yard will allow the chickens to be safe and our dog not being put on a rope in a fenced area.

We decided to put up a 5′ welded wire fence with 2″x 4″spaces.  We used studded t posts, except where the gates were.


First step was to put up all the t-posts with the t-post driver.  We ended up putting up 17 total.


We put up 2 gates, a 4′ and a 6′.  We attached the gates to wood posts that came with the farm in one of our barns. 


Last step was attaching the fence to the wood posts and t-posts.  Ryan said this was the worst step.  

This took us a total of about 9 hours to complete over the weekend, which wasn’t bad at all in my opinion.


New fence line from the chicken coop to the building that we will be taking down this spring/summer.  I also can’t wait to take down the rest of the ugly chain link fence. We still need to cut down the wood posts, we ran out of daylight so this will have to be done on another day. 


Chickens exploring a new area they haven’t been on yet.


The fence between the chicken coop and one of the barns.  The area behind the chicken coop is where our new pond is going to go, which will help with our little flooding issue. 


Another way into the chicken coop.  The will be the gate we will use to access the chicken yard with the lawn mower. The building on the right is our lawn building and the building on the left is the building that we will be taking down this spring/summer.  

Now we just need winter to continue to be mild, and we can continue to work on the new fence system.  However, I have a feeling we won’t be so lucky and this project will continue in the spring!!