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With the holidays over, I feel like we can now turn our attention back to finishing up the house.  We didn’t do anything inside this summer, since we spent all our time outside with routine maintenance. We have been moved back in our house for a year and we really need to focus on getting things wrapped up.

First on the list was getting the kitchen cabinet kick plates on.  We purchased them about 9 months ago, but never did them!  Sad too, because total time actually invested in this project was 30 minutes!



Super excited to not have to look at the unfinished base of the cabinets anymore!

Next on our list was building a banquette eating area in our kitchen.  What would be our dining room in our house, we use as the kids playroom.  Which means we have to squeeze a dining table in our kitchen.  We currently have a set that doesn’t really fit, and is old and falling apart.


Even though it doesn’t look like it is falling apart, it really is.  The legs on the table and chairs consistently come loose and wobble, and the table has a bunch of scratches and dings.

My idea was to build a banquette, and to buy a table that had more of a pedestal base so it could still be pushed in when not being used.  I would say I searched for about a month looking for a table that would work.  There really weren’t many options for the size/shape I needed, but I found one on Overstock. We took a weekend and built the banquette.

Ta-da the new seating is complete! All that’s left to do is buy 2 stools for additional seating.


If you are curious of how we built it click here.

One other project we got finished the first few weeks of January was the crown molding in the family room and kids playroom. The ceiling and the walls didn’t match up after we took them down, and put them back up last year during our little fiasco.


We left the paneling up in the family room, since it wasn’t in bad condition.  However, when the lath and plaster was removed from the old ceiling, it made the new ceiling really off.

Thankfully Ryan’s Uncle Gary knew how to install the crown, and came over and helped us install.

Like everything in our house noting is straight.  Our walls and ceilings were bowed, which left gaps that needed to be filled with caulk. This part was not fun to complete!!


Looks soooooo much better!  All that’s left to do in the family room and playroom is paint the baseboards and trim and install quarter round.  

Next on the agenda is on to getting the mudroom finished! The list of projects for the mudroom are: coat/shoe system, closet for everything we don’t have a spot for, a pet food storage unit, and finishing dry-walling/painting.  There is also the unfinished bathroom in the mudroom, but we currently have our 30 baby chicks houses in there, so that project can’t start until April, when they go outside.


Here is a peak of the mudroom shoe/coat organizer.  The end is where the cat goes in for his litter box, which is my favorite part!!  I still need to finished painting the cabinet doors for the top storage, but its almost finished!!  You can also see a sample of the wall color we picked in between the beam and the system, I had to paint this little area because it would have been too hard once it was up.

If we could just get the first floor finished I would feel so much better about the house.