We have been taking advantage of this unheard of spring like weather this winter, and worked on the fences again.


The lines in red is what we accomplished in January.  The blue line is the new fence we put up, to better control the space the dog has to roam.  The orange circles are old fences and gates that we took down, and won’t be putting anything up in its place.


We ran a fence the length of this area, to keep our dog better contained.  Don’t mind our dead Christmas tree in the middle of the yard, lol!!


Finished fence!

Now that the fence was up, it was time to move on to removing the old falling down fences and gates!


This is just sad looking . . . watch the videos below of Ryan removing the post second in from the barn on the left side of the picture.

I stopped recording literally 2 secs too soon!


Fence/gate down!!

The last area isn’t completely finished yet, but it should only take about another hour.


This past fall when we cleared all the weeds off the fence it opened up a ton of holes, which our chickens always got out of.  This was what we had to do to keep them in until we got their area fenced in.


We got down the old T-Post and wire fence that was up against our neighbor’s white fence and started to work on the pieced together hodgepodge of a fence.


Here is what we have left to take down.  We got a lot of rain over a 12 hour period, so we have a little bit of flooding.  Can’t wait to work on the drainage system to help with this issue!

We have a lot of spontaneous projects that come up when we are outside.  For instance we were just taking a walk around the pond area, it was only 3pm and 65 degrees outs, so I go let’s start cleaning this area.  My poor husband hates when I do this, but he also knows we have countless hours of work that needs to be done.


On the other side of this over grown area is the pond. It was our dumping ground of stuff we cut down this past summer/fall and weeds grew all around it.


We started to big piles of brush, and the only way we can get rid of it is to burn it.  So we created a burn pile on the edge of the over grown area, and set it on fire.



We ended up getting half of this section cleaned up!! Not bad for a spontaneous clean up session!!

Next on the agenda, for outside projects, is redoing this ugly fence by the house, and expanding the chicken yard! I’m sure more spontaneous clean ups will happen too, if we continue to get spring like weather.  : )