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We got our chicks a little earlier this year so we would start to get eggs by early summer. We picked up all 30 of them in mid-February from Meyer Hatchery. To see what breeds we got this year, check out this blog entryIMG_1988


They were so little and cute!  I just love chick day!!  

These past 8 weeks have had some trying times since they have been living in our house. When we re-did our electricity on the farm, we lost all power to our outbuildings, which resulted in turning our unfinished mudroom into our chicken area. Let me just say 30 growing chicks create a ton of dust, and smell realllllllly bad!


At 8 weeks these little ladies were fully feathered and could go outside, but before they could go outside we had to get their new area ready.  They can’t go in with the big girls because the big girls will bully them.  There really is a pecking order, and the new chicks need to be separated for a few weeks until they are a little bigger and the new girls have had a chance to get to know them (through a fence).

chicken farm

The barn off our chicken yard has to old horse stalls.  It’s been our dumping ground for the past year, but its the perfect place for our little chicks until they can join the big girls in the coop. 

The first step was to clean all the yard bags/branches out of the stall we were going to use.  We just loaded it all into a trailer and drove it over to the fire pit to burn.  The trailer was filled to the edge!



It only took an hour for it all to burn! 

Now, all we had to do was put the fence up between the 2 stalls, and lay the hay on the floor.  IMG_2502

Saturday the weather was finally looking like it would be good to move them outside, so we grabbed one of the metal water troughs and transported them outside.


Ryan took over on getting the chicks since he has longer arms.  He wasn’t a fan! LOL

The kids love helping and being a part of everything on the farm, so they got right in and helped put the chicks in their new home.

Chicks are all moved in and seem to like their new, bigger home! We will be adding an outside area for them in the next few days so they can explore the outside! chick moving

We also have a new addition to the family and farm . . . . Tank!  His family was unable to take him with them when they move, and we were looking to rescue an English Mastiff or Great Dane this summer, so we adopted him and made him part of our family!  Tank is a 2.5-year-old Great Dane, who makes our English Mastiff Puppy, Britty who is 9 months old, look small right now! I see Tank and Britty becoming best friends!!


Also, stay tuned because we are adding ducklings and a pig to the farm this week!!