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We had a few new additions to the farm this past week.  On April 13th we picked up 6, 2.5 week old, Pekin ducklings.  We opted for the older ducklings versus the day old ones since the odds of them surviving was higher.  The kids were super excited on their arrival day and wanted to help place them in their new home.


We don’t know if the ducklings are male or female yet.  We will have to wait until they start to get their wings in a few weeks.

Starting at a week ducks can start to swim under supervision. The little ducklings got to swim their 2nd night with us since their brooder needed to be cleaned already. Ducks, in general, are 100x messier than chicks and I didn’t have their water area set up properly at first, and their entire bedding was all wet.  They really enjoyed their swim in our kitchen sink!


Our other addition to the farm this week is our feeder pig, Bacon.  Yes, we named him Bacon! We are teaching our children that he is being raised for food, and the name is just a reminder.  Bacon was the runt from Ryan’s brother, brother in law’s pig litter that was born at the end of January.

We have an outbuilding on the farm that was used as a workshop, that we were planning on taking down.  It is in pretty bad condition and isn’t sitting on any raised foundation, and when we got flooded last June it was under about a foot of water.  It became a dumping ground for random stuff, and desperately needed going through.

What we do with stuff to keep our trash down . . .


Burn it!!


IMG_2544 (1)

Here is Bacon’s area all cleaned and ready for him!

Now meet Bacon . . .

Our little chicks are doing well and adjusting to their new home in the barn.  We put up an outside area for them where they are separate from the big chickens, but the big chickens can still see them.  We have to keep them separate for 2-3 weeks until they are a little bit bigger and able to defend themselves against the big chickens. The pecking order is a real thing and we don’t need them getting bullied.


We used t-posts and fencing to make a little area off the barn.

RJ helped bring all the chicks out and introduce them to the outside world!


Big chickens came running over to see who their new neighbors are.  Over the weekend they didn’t care about them anymore and don’t pay any attention to them.

Here is a little video of their new area!

It will be a fun spring/summer watching these new additions on the farm!