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The Mudroom: this room has been the room that we were least excited about finishing. It’s the project that we just stared at and don’t want to touch, and it’s only because both of us hate drywalling. We broke down and hired someone to finish the drywalling and also get our downstairs bathroom finished!

Here is a reminder of what the mudroom area looked like when we purchased the farm.

This room was gutted and redesigned to make it flow better.  It did have a half bathroom that was scary and very yellow!  This bathroom got moved down and turned into a full bath, where you can see the brown cabinets in the far right corner of the picture above.IMG_0259

So, here you go an updated space that works perfectly for our family!mudroom3Walking in: bench system to the left, utility closet straight ahead and to the left. The white closet straight ahead and to the right is a closet that we built to give more storage. This closet is built over a box that was originally there to cover some of the duct work running through the house.mudroom2The bench system! One of my favorite things in the house.  I designed this from a few different bench systems I found on Pinterest.  The bench lifts up and that is where we store all our shoes. The hole on the end is access to the cat’s litter box!  We also added cabinets at the top for extra storage, since you can never have enough storage in an old house!mudroom1Looking towards the back door with bench system on the right and bathroom door on the left.mudroomAdded a simple system for mail, keys and important notes.mudroom4Another view looking towards laundry area and more utilities.  We created another storage box under the breaker box to hide all the dog and cat food.  IMG_3453I kept the same plumbing pipe style shelving for the laundry area organization as we have in our kitchen. I wanted open shelving vs cabinets to help keep the room open. A drying rack was a must, so we utilized the beam running through the mudroom, and created a small area to hang clothes.

Now, Ryan’s favorite room of the house.  A full bathroom that he can actually stand up in to shower.  Our shower in our upstairs bathroom has a slanted ceiling and he can’t stand up straight to shower.  He went almost 2 years without being able to comfortably shower!! File_000 (4)The bathroom isn’t huge, but it’s a full bathroom!  We went almost 2 years with only have one bathroom in the house, and it was a challenge at times.  There is still some baseboard and door touch up painting to do, but besides decorating/artwork it is complete!!File_001 (1)Another view of the shower. We opted for a large shower vs another bathtub.  The shower pan is 32×60, which is also large enough to bathe our 2 large dogs during the fall/winter months.

So there you have it! We can now walk into our house and not get depressed about the unfinished space.  There are still little things that need to be finished, but we will work on those over the winter, as we don’t have time with all the outside upkeep!