I picked up our Thanksgiving turkeys at the end of July, and it is hard to believe they are almost 10 weeks already.  I ordered straight run, meaning I didn’t have a preference of males vs females. As of right now, I know I for sure have 2 males and 2 females, the other 2 I can’t quite tell.  20245538_1795050527452663_4966710629817515722_n

Thankfully these little ones haven’t been as hard to raise as I had thought.  I had read countless articles and asked a million questions before these little ones arrived. Turkeys aren’t very smart and it is crucial they don’t get cold or a draft. Despite our best efforts we only lost one the first week from its legs not developing and it couldn’t stand.

For the first 7 weeks, the turkeys lived in their brooder in our garage.  They couldn’t go outside until they were fully feathered and maintain their body temp on their own without a heat lamp. As always we were behind on having their permanent home ready at 7 weeks, so they went into one of our chicken tractors until we got the fence up.  What really gave us the push to get this completed was our last round of meat chickens were ready to go outside and we needed both of our chicken tractors for them. IMG_1657

Here is an overview of our current farm set up and the fence addition we needed to put up.


We started with the t-posts and moved on to Ryan’s least favorite part of putting up the fence which is securing the fence with clips that wrap around the posts.  Gotta love Ohio weather because the week we needed to get this accomplished it was 90 degrees every day.  We got early on a Saturday morning and knocked this fence out before it got too hot in about 2 and a half hours.

Last part of the turkey area was moving stuff in the back of the barn around so they would have a shelter to go in at night and to get out of any bad weather.  IMG_1645

We just moved it all to one side and put up a fence down the middle of the barn to keep them out of all the junk.  This white fence was in one of the barns when we moved in and it worked perfectly for what we needed to accomplish.

Turkeys appear to be happy and loving their big yard to run around, catch bugs and do their turkey thing!  We are down to 2 more months and at that point, our turkeys will be between 25 and 40 pounds!

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