Winter Projects


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With the holidays over, I feel like we can now turn our attention back to finishing up the house.  We didn’t do anything inside this summer, since we spent all our time outside with routine maintenance. We have been moved back in our house for a year and we really need to focus on getting things wrapped up.

First on the list was getting the kitchen cabinet kick plates on.  We purchased them about 9 months ago, but never did them!  Sad too, because total time actually invested in this project was 30 minutes!

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Aubrey Turned 6

My sweet baby girl turned 6 this past Sunday. Aubrey is obsessed with all things horses, so I did a horse themed parties.  I say parties because we had a party at our house with her friends on Saturday, and on her actual birthday we had the family over.  Our house isn’t big enough to have everyone over at the same time, and plus the grandparents appreciate not having to partake in the kids party. : )


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Poultry Farm Business


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I have a long term goal of turning this hobby farm into a poultry farm business. I never imagined in a thousand years that this would become a business I would ever be interested in, but crazier things have happened.

I would love to run a fully organic farm, but there are so many rules and stipulations that I honestly don’t have the time and money to do at the moment.  However, just like I have been doing with my current chickens, I will feed only USDA organic feed and all the poultry will be pastured/free range. Continue reading